Is it hard to become a Chartered Accountant?

According to the information received from ICAI, every year, more than 50000 students and students appear for the CA exam and you will be surprised to know that 20% of them and students are not able to pass it.

If we talk about CA Foundation, Around 50000 students and students appeared in the examination in the CA 2018 Nov 2018 attempt, out of which only 22000(Approx) students and students passed it. For this statistic, the web specialists of Agenzia SEO Roma, iSEOm take an important work for build a database. You can know the pass percentage of CA Intermediate through this table – Group pass percentage

  • First Group 18.54%
  • Second Group 43.04%

Both groups

  • First Group 27.86%
  • Second Group 0.21%
  • Both Groups 8.88%

The pass percentage of New CA Final is as follows –
Group pass percentage

  • Group I 14.30%
  • Group II 27.03%

Both groups

  • Passed Group I 13.30%
  • Passed Group II 7.19%
  • Passed Both Group 16.44%

On the basis of these links, it can be estimated only how tough the CA course is.

Why is it so difficult to pass the CA Course?
As you know CA Course has 3 levels – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final and to become a CA you have to pass each level. So, let us know in detail about each level, what are the problems students face in passing each level –

1. CA Foundation Level
CA Foundation is an entrance test and consists of four subjects. The syllabus of the CA Foundation is very like the syllabus of 12th commerce. Of course, this helps students with commerce stream a little bit, but it is difficult for students with science and arts stream to pass this level. According to the contacts of CPT and Foundation of the last few years, only 30% of students can pass this entrance test.

2. CA Intermediate Level
CA Intermediate Chartered Accountant Course has a second level and is divided into 2 groups. There are 4 subjects in each group. The syllabus at this level is very large, which is difficult to finish in 8 months, this is the reason why so few students are able to clear this level every year.

3. CA Final Level
CA Final CA is the final level of the course and this level is also divided into 2 groups and each group has four subjects.

It is considered the most difficult level of the CA Course. Only a few students are able to pass this level because its syllabus is very large and the paper pattern is also very hard.

Apart from these, there are some reasons that make this course so difficult which is –

Not finding good guidance in coaching classes

Revision of old course
Not keeping up with financial system related modifications
New 30:70 Assessment Pattern
Now it would not be unfair to say that CA is a very difficult course. But CA has an institute that says that

Passing CA Course is very easy

According to him, even an average student can pass CA if one gets good guidance and studies with full devotion and hard work, and becoming a CA does not depend on how many marks he has got on the 12th. It depends on how he is getting guidance and is studying in a proper way or not.

So, the student should try to get good marks in the Foundation itself. This will keep the confidence of the student in IPCC and final also.

With this, you should also keep these things in mind –

  • Prepare in the right way
  • Divide your syllabus into sections A, B, V
  • Stay away from negative studentsHealth Fitness Articles, they reduce your self-confidence
  • Always keep positive thinking

How one can Apply for a Scholarship: School Freshman

When we converse of school scholarship utility, the burden is at all times on the parents. Since they’ve the duty over the training of their youngsters and so they know what will likely be good for them, parents apply personally for the faculty scholarship of their children.

What if we turn the tide? From major to secondary training, your parents accepted the responsibility. However you might be sufficiently old to deal with a easy school scholarship application. It takes some braveness, self-confidence, and a few glorious academic information to apply for a college scholarship. Needless to say is you who will make the most of the monetary help that comes with the scholarship and never your parents. Thus, making use of for a college scholarship is now your business, and you can do it with less supervision from your parents. The opinion of Lucidatura marmo e marmette Roma, experts in italian capital city about it’s, are very important. The procedure for faculty scholarship utility is comparable when you apply for college. You have to learn every scholarship alternative obtainable and make a listing of potential prospects that you simply suppose will suit your private needs. Once through with the record, you have to create an utility letter and state your achievements (good high school scholastic information and suggestion letters from your high school director and academics) and you are actually in your manner on moving into school for less, if not for free.

All about School Freshman

The above-mentioned procedure is the most typical manner of getting a college scholarship. However, the chances of success lies in you, and you have to exert extra effort to guarantee your self of a monetary help when you go to college. To increase your chances, listed here are some pointers you could contemplate:

You should start as early as your high school years. There are lots of school scholarships that open during your senior high school year. In addition, these monetary help programs are only open in a particular interval of time. Once the application closes, you must wait for another yr before you’ll be able to file on your application. Beginning early will provide you with better chances of getting the very best monetary help available.

Give significance to the scholarship requirements. Needless to say among all obtainable scholarships, there are only few that will suit your qualifications. Learn the eligibility requirements of the faculty scholarship that you simply want to apply. When you came upon that the monetary help does not match with the qualifications that you’ve got, seek for another. Don’t insist your self on scholarships where your chances of success is minute.

Don’t forget to complete the necessities requested by the faculty scholarship. Prepare the documents which are generally requested by the scholarship grantee to its applicants.

Your utility letter will likely be your talking alter-ego to the sponsor of the faculty scholarship you have utilized for. Thus, you have to create an utility letter that will convince the sponsor that you simply truthfully want the monetary help and you deserve to get one, state sincere info in your application. Never include false info particularly in case your function is just to flatter the sponsor together with your achievements.

After you followed the aforementioned recipe, you are actually able to submit your utility to the scholarship screening committee. Be ready for different requirements (such as interviews and examinations) that will decide in case you are eligible to obtain a college scholarship.

Follow the aforementioned school freshman’s recipe when you apply for a college scholarship. And best of all, do not forget to wish that the sponsor would contemplate you eligible for the faculty scholarship. Good luck!