Instasize: 5 strumenti web per lavorare con le immagini

Instasize può essere una buona soluzione per eseguire diverse attività su immagini e foto, e soprattutto per la creazione o realizzazione siti web Roma.

Questa pagina offre cinque strumenti web gratuiti per lavorare con le immagini, nessuno di loro chiede di registrarsi per il loro utilizzo.

Tutti questi strumenti vengono utilizzati per eseguire attività di modifica delle immagini di base. Sono ideali per semplici modifiche dal browser.

Con l’aiuto di Instasize è possibile svolgere alcune attività con le immagini, come ritagliarle, aumentarne le dimensioni, applicare diversi filtri, aggiungere testo e forme, ecc.

I cinque strumenti per lavorare con le immagini attualmente disponibili su Instasize sono i seguenti:

Editor di immagini: un semplice editor di immagini online con il quale si possono ritagliare le immagini, regolarne il colore e applicarvi diversi filtri.

Rimuovere lo sfondo: viene utilizzato per rimuovere automaticamente lo sfondo di immagini o fotografie.

Ridimensionare immagini: aumentare automaticamente le dimensioni delle immagini. Ha anche un elenco di “preimpostazioni” che consentono di modificare le dimensioni delle foto per adattarle ai diversi social network.

Aggiungere testi: aggiungere testi alle immagini, personalizzando font, colore, ecc. Viene anche utilizzato per inserire linee, frecce e forme diverse.

Generatore di testo: quest’ultimo strumento non è molto legato all’editing delle immagini, tuttavia può essere utile. Viene utilizzato per generare testi ‘cool’ per i social network.


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How to Become the Best Cricket Bowler in cricket world

Bowlers can go on to become one of the top bowlers in the world, or they can just become good enough to play for their country. Both Imran Khan and Kumar Sangakkara have gone from being a nobody to playing for Pakistan and India respectively. This is because these bowlers have the skills to bowl the ball over long distances and they know how to use these skills effectively. They have both been playing the sport for a long time and are already some of the best in the world.

The main thing that separates a world-class cricket bowler from a regular player is that the bowling is not only accurate, but it is also very powerful. This means that if a bowler bowls over long distances, then he should be able to hit the ball hard, and often over the fence.

It is important to realise that the bowler should be able to bowl with accuracy, but the average speed of the ball should be good enough to beat most batsmen. To be a world-class bowler, a bowler needs to have an excellent arm action and accuracy, and he needs to be able to keep the ball within range of most batsmen.

In order for him to do this, he will need to have a good delivery pace, like happen with ortodonzia Roma. Bowling actions have to be precise, and when it comes to bowling, there are many different types of bowling actions to consider. A good example of this is when the ball is thrown over short distances.

We take a look at the best cricket bowler’s stats, so you can see exactly how good he could be when it comes to batting, bowling, and taking catches

This means that the bowler must aim the ball at the batsman when the ball is being thrown. This is done by keeping the ball in line with the batsman as the ball is released.

One of the main things that a good bowler has to master is throwing the ball over long distances, as the ball must be thrown over long distances at a constant speed. The speed of the ball needs to be high, and should be thrown over long distances at a very high angle.

These stats show us a few of the different bowling techniques that bowlers use, and how they can help a batsman to hit the ball. This includes the use of the leg side foot when bowling, the use of the front foot when bowling, and the use of the hands as well. You can get a lot more information on how to become the best cricket bowler by following some of the websites that have cricket bowling tips online.

It is not always easy to become the best cricket bowler, but it is not impossible either. There are many things that a good bowler can do, such as working on the speed of the bowling action, increasing the strength of the arm, using the right kind of grip, bowling from different parts of the ground, and working out a set of bowling actions that will help the bowler bowl at a good speed.

All of these things are important, and all of them are important because it takes a lot of practise to perfect the correct kind of grip, and the right kind of speed to bowl a good length of time. There are many people who will bowl a bad length of time because of their bad techniques, and if you are someone who wants to bowl the quickest ball, then you will need to learn the correct technique.

Working on the speed is important because if you want to be the best cricket bowler, then you will have to be able to bowl the fastest ball, and keep the batsman out of the area. If you bowl a slow ball and hit a batsman outside off stump, then you will lose that match, and you will lose the match as well.

This is because your opponent will get another chance, and your bowling techniques will have been used. In order to become the best bowler, you will have to learn new techniques every single time, and it is very important that you practice a lot, as bowling is important to a person’s success. However, if you don’t practice a lotBusiness Management Articles, then you will find that it is hard to become the best bowler.

Significance of Digital Marketing Course Delhi

Becoming part of a digital marketing training program is something that a lot of people are doing recently and with good reason. There is so much chance to make a lot of money with no working very many hours. In order to make your move to functioning from home successful, you will want to follow some marketing tips on how to decide the best agenda for you. The cause that you even need help in the first place is since there are so many different programs out there that all will assure you the world. Like remember realizzazione siti lazio, not all of these will work out, so you need to know how to decide the best one.

One of the best marketing tips to use when making a decision on the many different marketing training programs is to go with an agenda that uses video training. Not only will you study everything you will need to know to get in progress, you also will be bright to see that the list actually is easy to use. There are so many programs that claim to be easy, yet when you get in progress it is really puzzling. Then the Institute is not obtainable to help you out, which is one more tip as well. You should go with a program that has 24/7 support which is provided.

Another helpful marketing tip that will help you choose the best digital marketing program is to go with the one you actually will be able to use right away. There are some programs out there that in fact use a system once you get it set up. This is huge because you will not have to be at your computer all day every day. You will be able to step away from your home office and still strictly be working because your computer scheme still is going strong for you. This is your best chance at creating a lot of money.

In addition, to have a digital marketing training program, another one of the important internet marketing course tips is to go with the best program that does not necessitate you to be a computer genius. You want to go with the best program that does not have you set up website after website or even know how to update files into your system. There are successful programs out there but you just have to know how to spot them.

Let me tell you something about Hiaim digital marketing Institute. We are offering of the best digital marketing program to the candidatesHealth Fitness Articles, according to our past trainees we are the best in the field.

I spotted one out there that demonstrates a new way to learn all about online marketing in video format that anyone can understand. Imagine what it would be like to see behind the curtain of one of the most successful online marketers in the business and clone his success.

Is it hard to become a Chartered Accountant?

According to the information received from ICAI, every year, more than 50000 students and students appear for the CA exam and you will be surprised to know that 20% of them and students are not able to pass it.

If we talk about CA Foundation, Around 50000 students and students appeared in the examination in the CA 2018 Nov 2018 attempt, out of which only 22000(Approx) students and students passed it. For this statistic, the web specialists of Agenzia SEO Roma, iSEOm take an important work for build a database. You can know the pass percentage of CA Intermediate through this table – Group pass percentage

  • First Group 18.54%
  • Second Group 43.04%

Both groups

  • First Group 27.86%
  • Second Group 0.21%
  • Both Groups 8.88%

The pass percentage of New CA Final is as follows –
Group pass percentage

  • Group I 14.30%
  • Group II 27.03%

Both groups

  • Passed Group I 13.30%
  • Passed Group II 7.19%
  • Passed Both Group 16.44%

On the basis of these links, it can be estimated only how tough the CA course is.

Why is it so difficult to pass the CA Course?
As you know CA Course has 3 levels – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final and to become a CA you have to pass each level. So, let us know in detail about each level, what are the problems students face in passing each level –

1. CA Foundation Level
CA Foundation is an entrance test and consists of four subjects. The syllabus of the CA Foundation is very like the syllabus of 12th commerce. Of course, this helps students with commerce stream a little bit, but it is difficult for students with science and arts stream to pass this level. According to the contacts of CPT and Foundation of the last few years, only 30% of students can pass this entrance test.

2. CA Intermediate Level
CA Intermediate Chartered Accountant Course has a second level and is divided into 2 groups. There are 4 subjects in each group. The syllabus at this level is very large, which is difficult to finish in 8 months, this is the reason why so few students are able to clear this level every year.

3. CA Final Level
CA Final CA is the final level of the course and this level is also divided into 2 groups and each group has four subjects.

It is considered the most difficult level of the CA Course. Only a few students are able to pass this level because its syllabus is very large and the paper pattern is also very hard.

Apart from these, there are some reasons that make this course so difficult which is –

Not finding good guidance in coaching classes

Revision of old course
Not keeping up with financial system related modifications
New 30:70 Assessment Pattern
Now it would not be unfair to say that CA is a very difficult course. But CA has an institute that says that

Passing CA Course is very easy

According to him, even an average student can pass CA if one gets good guidance and studies with full devotion and hard work, and becoming a CA does not depend on how many marks he has got on the 12th. It depends on how he is getting guidance and is studying in a proper way or not.

So, the student should try to get good marks in the Foundation itself. This will keep the confidence of the student in IPCC and final also.

With this, you should also keep these things in mind –

  • Prepare in the right way
  • Divide your syllabus into sections A, B, V
  • Stay away from negative studentsHealth Fitness Articles, they reduce your self-confidence
  • Always keep positive thinking

How one can Apply for a Scholarship: School Freshman

When we converse of school scholarship utility, the burden is at all times on the parents. Since they’ve the duty over the training of their youngsters and so they know what will likely be good for them, parents apply personally for the faculty scholarship of their children.

What if we turn the tide? From major to secondary training, your parents accepted the responsibility. However you might be sufficiently old to deal with a easy school scholarship application. It takes some braveness, self-confidence, and a few glorious academic information to apply for a college scholarship. Needless to say is you who will make the most of the monetary help that comes with the scholarship and never your parents. Thus, making use of for a college scholarship is now your business, and you can do it with less supervision from your parents. The opinion of Lucidatura marmo e marmette Roma, experts in italian capital city about it’s, are very important. The procedure for faculty scholarship utility is comparable when you apply for college. You have to learn every scholarship alternative obtainable and make a listing of potential prospects that you simply suppose will suit your private needs. Once through with the record, you have to create an utility letter and state your achievements (good high school scholastic information and suggestion letters from your high school director and academics) and you are actually in your manner on moving into school for less, if not for free.

All about School Freshman

The above-mentioned procedure is the most typical manner of getting a college scholarship. However, the chances of success lies in you, and you have to exert extra effort to guarantee your self of a monetary help when you go to college. To increase your chances, listed here are some pointers you could contemplate:

You should start as early as your high school years. There are lots of school scholarships that open during your senior high school year. In addition, these monetary help programs are only open in a particular interval of time. Once the application closes, you must wait for another yr before you’ll be able to file on your application. Beginning early will provide you with better chances of getting the very best monetary help available.

Give significance to the scholarship requirements. Needless to say among all obtainable scholarships, there are only few that will suit your qualifications. Learn the eligibility requirements of the faculty scholarship that you simply want to apply. When you came upon that the monetary help does not match with the qualifications that you’ve got, seek for another. Don’t insist your self on scholarships where your chances of success is minute.

Don’t forget to complete the necessities requested by the faculty scholarship. Prepare the documents which are generally requested by the scholarship grantee to its applicants.

Your utility letter will likely be your talking alter-ego to the sponsor of the faculty scholarship you have utilized for. Thus, you have to create an utility letter that will convince the sponsor that you simply truthfully want the monetary help and you deserve to get one, state sincere info in your application. Never include false info particularly in case your function is just to flatter the sponsor together with your achievements.

After you followed the aforementioned recipe, you are actually able to submit your utility to the scholarship screening committee. Be ready for different requirements (such as interviews and examinations) that will decide in case you are eligible to obtain a college scholarship.

Follow the aforementioned school freshman’s recipe when you apply for a college scholarship. And best of all, do not forget to wish that the sponsor would contemplate you eligible for the faculty scholarship. Good luck!

VoipBuster, A Firm That Will Provide You Free Calls

As we speak, free things are arduous to find and all the pieces may appear to be all for sale. From getting your food to creating calls, all these things are offered with a price. Nevertheless, because of the advancement of expertise, there is now a way to call your friends and family who lives in several countries for free.

A lot of companies and firms are changing their landlines to VoIP, like for instance the great Buccinnà Company servizi di onoranze funebri montesacro, that is an area of Rome, Italy. They are saving a lot of money by moving to VoIP.

It is now possible so that you can name your loved ones and buddies cost free, even if it’s a long distance call. And, the best thing about it is that the calls are unlimited. With this sort of function, who wouldn’t need to get it? Another beauty of that is that it affords great features that will often be expensive if you get it in a traditional landline phone.

If you are questioning what sort of service that is, it is referred to as VoIP. To start with, one company that gives these companies known as the VoipBuster. This firm gives VoIP and in addition has great VoIP provides for its subscriber.

Nevertheless, before you subscribe the companies offered by VoipBuster, you first need to know all about VoIP first. Since VoIP is comparatively a brand new expertise, you’ll want to find out about it first with a view to know what to anticipate with VoipBuster.

VoIP is very much like your standard phone where you make calls and receive calls. Nevertheless, in contrast to your typical landline phones, VoIP doesn’t use telephone traces to transmit and obtain signals. VoIP makes use of the internet to transmit and obtain data. And, for that reason, VoIP will be capable of give you better voice quality and sooner transmission rate. It is because your voice is converted into digital format, and transmitted within the internet. You will also obtain digital indicators from the individual you are chatting with in digital signal. This is one of the major advantages of VoIP.

Another great thing about this know-how is that it is ready to offer its user’s nice additional phone options totally free as an ordinary package where it will possibly tend to be an expensive add on in conventional landline phones. Features equivalent to three-way calling, caller ID, return call, audio conferencing, name ready, video conferencing and others are offered by VoIP as a standard feature. This implies extra worth to your money.

Lengthy distance calls also are typically cheaper in VoIP than on standard landline phones. Some companies even supply free calls. Nonetheless, this only occurs when the particular person on the opposite end of the road can also be subscribed to the same VoIP service supplier you’re subscribed in.

Nonetheless, VoipBuster offers free VoIP to landline, VoIP to VoIP, and VoIP to mobile phone calls absolutely for free. Listed here are the nations that you would be able to name totally free when you use the VoipBuster:

  • United States
  • Taiwan
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxemburg
  • Monaco
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico

Though you need to high up your account to make these calls, it’s positively an awesome and low cost technique to get in contact with your family and friends. By buying credit, you may be entitled to 120 Freedays. This means that you could name folks in the talked about nations at no cost at all. If the one hundred twenty days expires, the traditional charges for calls will apply. Nonetheless, because it makes use of the VoIP technology, you can anticipate that the traditional rates will probably be far lower than the normal charges in typical landline phones.

If you’re concerned about getting the VoipBuster services, all you need to do is have an active excessive pace web connection, download the VoipBuster program in your laptop, register and start making free calls. If it is advisable call other nations in addition to the mentioned countries, VoipBuster normal rates will apply.

With the accessible one hundred twenty days of free calls to the mentioned nations, just think about what number of of your family and friends you may call at an unlimited time. With VoipBuster, you will by no means fear about massive phone payments when making lengthy distance or overseas calls again.

What You Need To Know About VoIp

VoIP additionally known as Voice over Internet Protocol, Voice over Broadband, Internet Telephony, IP Telephony, Broadband Cellphone, and Broadband Telephony refers back to the voice routing conversations through Web or any other network which are IP-based. VoIP Protocols or Voice over IP Protocols are used for carrying voice indicators over IP networks.

It is the result of the Network Voice Protocol experiments invented in 1973 for ARPANET providers, and a lot of companies, are using it to reduce expenses and grow faster, lately, RocheClamp declared to have been able to produce the best toggle clamp on the market thanks to its policy in reducing useless expenses.

One community is used for carrying data and voice particularly for users with an underutilized network. This allows saving a significant amount of cash because telephone calls using VoIP on completely different providers are usually free. However, calling from VoIP to PSTN will charge the particular person using the VoIP.

The PSTN to VoIP providers is Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and entry numbers. In DID, the callers are immediately related to the user of VoIP however in access numbers, the callers are required to enter the VoIP user’s extension number. A monthly fee is charged on DID whereas access numbers are freed from charge for VoIP users and local requires callers.

VoIP modifications the entire viewpoint of individuals relating to lengthy distance calls. In this technique, the audio analog alerts are being remodeled to digital knowledge which can be transmitted via the Internet. The usual connection of the web turns into a means inputting telephone calls for free. Utilizing VoIP software free of charge is the sensible means of saving cash and bypassing phone companies and its total charges.

VoIP is progressive know-how with an ability to transform the telephone systems utterly everywhere in the world. VoIP is a method phone call however presents totally different VoIP services commonly used today.

1. ATA is the most common and simplest way of service using the Analog Phone Adaptor machine which converts analog indicators to digital signals. It permits a standard cellphone connection to your computer or internet connection for VoIP use. The converted analog indicators are transmitted on the internet.

2. IP telephones are specialized phones resembling regular phones with cradle, buttons, and handset. The one distinction is that a phone connector (RJ-11) is used by commonplace telephones while an Ethernet connector (RJ-45) is utilized by IP phones. IP telephones are immediately related to the router with all the mandatory software programs and hardware in dealing with IP calls. IP telephones which can be Wi-Fi will also quickly be available. VoIp calls can be accomplished in any respect Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. Laptop-to-laptop is the best methodology for using VoIP. Calling a lengthy distance is free. There are a few companies which provide free or very low-cost software program to make use of this method. The consumer only needs a microphone, sound card, speakers, Internet connection (via DSL modem or cable) and the software. However, the customers need to pay the ISP month-to-month fee.

Trying VoIP is not an issue since there is plenty of VoIP software on the Internet for free. All it is advisable to do is to obtain and set up it at about 3 to 5 minutes. To check it, you could possibly invite a pal to do the same and examine it if it is really working. This is a good opportunity.

VoIP is utilized by most telephone corporations in streamlining their networks. They are routing telephone calls through IP getaway and circuit swap decreasing the bandwidth they are utilizing for lengthy hauls. As soon as the getaway obtained the calls, the other side will route, reassemble, and decompress it regionally in a circuit switch.

This can take time however the present networks of circuit-switched are replaced by know-how referred to as packet-switching. The info networks just retrieve and ship information at any time when the consumer wants it. It does not enable routing of information through the dedicated line instead it permits flowing of knowledge packets by chaotic networks supplied with quite a few doable paths. It simply opens brief connections to ship the packets (small piece of information) from methods to systems. This technique could be very environment-friendly as a result of packets circulation via the most affordable and least congested traces whereas nonetheless allowing both speaking computers to accept information.

IP technology really is smart both in infrastructure and economics requirements. Extra businesses are putting in the VoIP techniques and this know-how will grow more in recognition making its method for residence use. VoIP is a breakthrough in improving traditional telephone methods to develop into a very environment-friendly and a dependable way of communication.

VoIP, Why You have to Change Your Typical Phone with VoIP

It’s an undeniable fact that communication is among the most essential things in life. One instance of a communication instrument is the postal mail. Nevertheless, due to the development in expertise, increasingly folks now choose e-mail than the standard postal mail. This is because its faster and way more convenient than conventional mail.

The fact that the web have provided a fast method to talk with your family, pals and business associates, people have been trying to develop this know-how with the intention to enhance info exchange.

In today’s enterprise world, it’s crucial that you should have a fast way to talk with other companies as a way to stay on top. Even small businesses are actually taking advantage of the Web to speak with their clients, a chest handles firm has been one of the first to provide its employers with phones with VoIP capabilities. Without the Web expertise in what you are promoting, you’ll find yourself dropping money instead of profiting.

The internet is now used by a brand new form of technology that folks name VoIP or Voice over Web Protocol. This sort of expertise makes use of the identical precept of the standard phone however in a very different way. Instead of wires, VoIP makes use of the internet to transmit and receive data. Which means your voice will be transmitted digitally and in flip, will end in better quality and at a much faster transmission rate.

VoIP is what people at the moment call the phone of the future. It presents cheaper lengthy distance calls and other options that is impossible or that’s expensive in a standard telephone system for free. For example, VoIP offers features akin to caller ID, audio conferencing, video conferencing, name forwarding, answering machine, call barring, and other options as a standard package. This would normally price some huge cash in standard telephones.

The fact that information is transmitted over the web in digital signals, it additionally means cheaper cellphone payments and extra reliable and much clearer connection. VoIP also presents free calls for anyone. The only catch is that the particular person you’ll be calling by means of your VoIP internet telephone system should also be subscribed to the identical VoIP service provider you might be subscribed in. It will imply free calls wherever you’re in the world. All you want is an excessive-speed internet connection.

These are solely the few benefits of VoIP. There are extra benefits that you would be able to profit from this cellphone system. Right now, because web connection is much more stable than before and power outage would not occur frequently, VoIP is indeed the telephone system that you should get.

Basically, there are two forms of VoIP web phone system you could use. One is the software and the other is the hardware system. Within the software system, all you want to do is obtain and install the VoIP software in your computer. Your computer will be the one to act because the telephone. All you want is a microphone and a speaker connected in your computer. For those who prefer to speak the way in which you do in a standard phone, all you must do is buy a web phone. Some VoIP service provider lends you the web cellphone for free as long as you stick with them.

Nevertheless, for those who prefer getting your own web phone, you should purchase it in your nearest laptop retailer in your area. Some phones have video capabilities while some seems to be like your typical telephone. You can even convert your analog telephone to a web cellphone by attaching an ATA. This software acts like a converter. What this does is it converts your analog cellphone to a digital phone.

The one principal disadvantage of a VoIP phone system is that when you get disconnected from the web, additionally, you will haven’t any phone. And, since web telephones needs an external power for it to work, you can by no means use it in case of energy outage. Analog telephones have their own source of electricity to ensure that it to work even when an influence outage occurs.

Nevertheless, in case your essential precedence is to save a lot of money on lengthy distance calls, the VoIP telephone system is for you. You can never think about how a lot money you’ll save with all the good options built-in and in addition a budget telephone invoice that comes with it. VoIP is definitely the telephone of the future.

NGOSS & eTOM Fundamentals– A Hands-On Approach

Introduction & Overview

This initial module introduces the student to the Lean Operator vision and the role of New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS) as an enabling set of frameworks. We also introduce each of the component frameworks (eTOM, SID, TNA, and TAM); we focus in particular on the role of the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) in standardizing the way in which service providers design their business processes.

  • NGOSS – The origins & why it’s needed
  • The who’s who in the NGOSS world
  • Terminology
  • The “Lean Operator” vision & strategy
  • 4 components of NGOSS: eTOM, SID, TNA, TAM

2. NGOSS Lifecycle & Methodology

  • In this section, we examine the NGOSS Lifecycle Methodology as an implementation tool. In particular, we explain the elements of the NGOSS Knowledge Base (eTOM, SID, TNA):
  • Definitions
  • Methodology Goals
  • Explaining Technology Neutral Architecture (TNA)
  • The NGOSS Knowledge Base
  • The 4 views of NGOSS Lifecycle:
    ! Business
    ! System
    ! Implementation ! Deployment
  • Use Cases and Contracts in the NGOSS Lifecycle
  • The SANRR Methodology: Scope, Analyze, Normalize, Rationalize, Rectify

3. eTOM – An Overview

Having reviewed the 4 views of NGOSS, we now begin to address the Business view by introducing the student to the role of the Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) in standardizing the way in which service providers design their business processes.

  • eTOM – Origins and goals
  • The who’s who in the eTOM world o Terminology
  • ETOM Level 0: The big picture

4. eTOM – The Business Process Framework

In this section, we examine the various components of the eTOM framework. Starting from the Level 0 “big picture”, we drill down to sub-processes at lower levels of decomposition:

  • Operations
    ! Operations Support and Readiness (“OSR”)
    ! Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing (“FAB”)
    ! OPS Processes – Levels 1 and 2 for OSR and FAB
  • Strategy, Infrastructure, and Product (“SIP”)
    ! Strategy & Commit
    ! Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
    ! Product Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Management

5. Process Decomposition

Strategy, Infrastructure, and Product (“SIP”) ! Strategy & Commit
! Infrastructure Lifecycle Management ! Product Lifecycle Management
Enterprise Management.
Process Decomposition
In this module we examine the process decomposition technique and how it can
be used to reveal finer process details at lower levels. The ultimate objective
is to produce an enterprise view of process capability and functionality: o Process Decomposition – A definition

  • Process Levels
  • Process Decomposition – The approach.

6. eTOM Linkage to Other Models

In this module we examine how the eTOM relates to other industry models such as TMN, ITIL, RosettaNet, and Six Sigma. Our main area of focus is the alignment between eTOM and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) processes. We begin by defining at a high level the ITIL framework and the processes related to Service Management (Service Delivery and Service Support); we then describe the synergies between eTOM and ITIL and the alignment between their processes.

  • ETOM lnkage to NGOSS and the SID
  • ETOM and ITU-T TMN
  • ETOM & Six Sigma
  • eTOM in a B2B context: Alignment with RosettaNet clusters o Mapping eTOM to ITIL

7. Introducing eTOM to Your Business

Here we examine how you can bring the eTOM into your own environment and provide selected case studies to showcase how adopters have utilized eTOM to assist in business transformation:

  • eTOM in a “Greenfield” environment
  • Adapting your infrastructure to eTOM o Adding the eTOM to your infrastructure o Sampling of eTOM Adopters

8. The Shared Information & Data Model

Having addressed the Business Process requirements in the business view, we now move to the System view of NGOSS and discuss the Functional, Information and Data Model requirements to support the business processes mapped to eTOM. We describe the benefits of having a streamlined approach to information and data modeling and how the SID enables this streamlining by aligning with eTOM processes.

  • SID – Definition and goals o The SID framework
  • SID and eTOM alignement o SID Key Entities
  • SID in Real Life: Industry Adoption

9. Summary & Document Map

This section summarizes the role of NGOSS and its various components (eTOM, SID, TNA, and TAM) in providing a set of frameworks for commonality in developing and maintaining streamlined solutions. We also bring the student up to speed on the latest NGOSS developments currently taking place.

In this 4-part workshop, the students work in teams, presenting their solutions to the class. The workshop takes into account the client’s own environment, and deals with a real-life current issue(s). We begin by articulating the issue(s) at hand and identify the clients’ own relevant processes. Using the tools learned during the presentations, especially the SANRR methodology and process decomposition methods, the teams develop a use case, analyze the problem and potential solution, map their processes to eTOM, develop process flows, and develop a contract for the solution.
Each of the 4 parts of the hands-on workshop takes place at a different stage of the two days, as new concepts are covered.



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Back by popular demand, we schedule several of our most in-demand courses in convenient cities around the world throughout the year. Benefit from meeting and interacting not only with our seasoned professional educators, but learn from and collaborate with others who specialize in your particular area of expertise. Check our calendar of courses to find out when a great Billing College experience is coming to your area, or find a convenient location and time that works for you.


Reinforcing our prominent place as a leader in knowledge delivery programs for the telecommunications and utility industries, we are rolling out new content as well as some of our most popular subject matter, all delivered through an interactive internet learning experience. The delivery of online education courses for our industry is a natural extension of our vision and dedication to our clients’ success.


We are always pleased to participate in the conference portion of industry tradeshows and events. Our most popular and topical courses can be available to you while you attend an all-important conference or symposium. You’ll receive a quality training experience and get the most for your travel and time investments when you find us at the top industry events.


By partnering with respected industry organizations and accomplished individuals and experts in our fields, we are happy to sponsor a variety of webinars on the latest issues and challenges facing billing professionals. Check our calendar for availability.