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Who is The Billing College?
The Billing College offers the highest quality knowledge delivery programs for the telecommunications and utility industries. Our proven approach, methodology and delivery choices enable our clients to maximize their potential for improved proficiency, productivity and profits.

What does “knowledge delivery” mean? I thought you were a training company…
The Billing College prides itself on listening to its clients. The term, “knowledge delivery” reinforces our commitment to providing meaningful, actionable and measurable training programs that learners can utilize in order to support their companies’ business and technology goals. In other words, we impart knowledge that can be used, rather than just training for training’s sake.

Why do I need to enroll in a course from The Billing College?
With a fast-paced, highly competitive environment, companies must deliver new services in record time with accuracy and must be able to provide flexible and attractive billing options. The Billing College is ahead of the curve in both the telecommunications and utility industries in providing instruction in the latest technologies and systems that help clients stay ahead of their competition. We are expert in the latest and most advanced range of complex services that are bombarding our clients as well as their customers. Bottom line: we boost the bottom line by enabling our clients to quickly realize profits through their deployment of new products and services.

What differentiates The Billing College from other training companies?
Having trained thousands of learners from more than 300 satisfied clients throughout the world, The Billing College continues to be a driving force behind the economy of the telecommunications and utility industries. Our proven success record, combined with our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business operations, allows us to deliver the right content at the right time, with the right delivery method and at the right price. Our unique attention to, and understanding of how students learn contribute to the success of each individual who attends our courses, which in turn help companies develop new businesses quickly and satisfy more of their customers.

How are your courses delivered? Do I have choices?
Our dedication to the success of every learner is evident in our wide variety of delivery choices. Courses can be delivered on-site, in a public setting, online, via seminars, or webinars. We realize that “one size does NOT fit all” so we can tailor our delivery modes to suit any company’s requirements.

What subjects or content areas does The Billing College specialize in?
The Billing College specializes in teaching the business of the business. Our areas of concentration include: IP Implementation, Revenue Assurance, Process Frameworks, Billing & Customer Care and New Generation Services.

Who are some of the customers who have benefited from your knowledge delivery offers?
Cingular Wireless, ALLTEL, AT&T, Vodafone, EDS, Convergys, SBC, TELUS, Ericsson, HP, SAP, IBM, Lucent, Nortel, Siemens, Sprint University of Excellence, USHAComm, TeleManagement Forum and many others.

What are some of the other popular topics and subjects that The Billing College teaches?
3G, Call Detail Records, CDR, eTOM, NGOSS, IMS Services, Interconnection Billing, IPTV, IPDR, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Mediation, Metering, Mobile and Wireless Billing and Customer Care, Rating Engine, Revenue Assurance, Revenue Leakage, Settlements, Triple Play, VOIP.

Who are the target learner populations – who can benefit from The Billing College courses?
Business Managers, Developers, Solution Architects, Process Practitioners, Engineers, Executives and Operations Managers from Telecommunications and Utility companies.

How long has The Billing College been in business?
We are celebrating our tenth anniversary. (We were established in 1996.) With more than a decade of experience in education and consulting services, we continue our role as a driving force behind the economy of the telecommunications and utility industries.

How are your products priced?
Our prices are competitive in the marketplace and we pride ourselves on delivering the high value that our clients demand from their learning experiences. Prices differ by delivery method, content and location. For a quote on how The Billing College can meet your education and budget requirements, please visit our website for individual course prices or contact us.

How do I purchase from The Billing College?
The Billing College makes it easy to purchase. You may sign up for courses online, provide a credit card, or submit a purchase order after setting up an account with us.

Do you offer service agreements/discount programs/multi-user/multi-course arrangements?
The Billing College is easy to do business with and is committed to satisfying our clients’ individual needs. If you wish to set up a complete knowledge delivery program for your staff, we can work with you to customize both the courses and the financial arrangements in order to provide you with the top-notch learning experience you need at an attractive price.

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